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The Arabian Gulf has tremendous liquidity in fuel oil in terms of both freely traded import/export volumes and bunkers traded in Fujairah, the world's second largest bunker market (12 million tonnes per annum). The volumes traded in the Gulf markets are forecast to continue growing substantially over the next decade.

With the unprecedented construction boom in the Middle East, the region has emerged as a major consuming market for steel. Dubai is amongst the largest consumer markets for steel worldwide and with current growth plans; demand across the region is set to increase even further.

Ocean freight rates, both for bulk cargos and containers, have fluctuated dramatically in recent years. These have significant implications for those engaged in international trade, as the very rationale for certain trade transactions can be reversed by subsequent movements in freight rates.

Cotton has one of the longest histories of futures trading going way back into the nineteenth century. Dubai is strategically located to tap into regional raw cotton trade flows, with significant production in CIS States, North and West Africa and significant demand from India, Pakistan and the Far East.

DGCX has plans to provide additional contracts for various other commodities. The necessary market research on these commodities is underway.
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