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Our introducing broker program is a great opportunity for both individuals and organizations to receive compensation (commissions) for introducing their customers or contacts to the market. An AGC IB (introducing broker) business can be structured in many different ways. It depends on the existing or potential client base of an individual or company. If you are thinking about setting up an AGC IB business through us and want more information, fill out our IB form by clicking here to get started. If you want to expand your business by offering your clients commodities, Bullion or Currency trading on DGCX, becoming an IB will make this possible.

Back Office Support - The Introducing Brokers will be provided with extensive back office services. These services include: customer statements, volume and IB commission reporting, and more.

Trading Platform - Introducing Brokers that have a significant existing client base or a business plan with good potential, can be provided with a trading platform direct from exchange.

Help and Advice on Getting your IB business to Succeed - It is in our best interest that you establish a successful introducing brokerage business. Given the extensive marketing, and trading experience of our staff, we can discuss with you the best ways to get your business up and running. This may include, but is not limited to, training for your staff, suggestions on increasing your account closing rate, ways to leverage off your existing business, Joint marketing initiatives, sales support and how to provide excellent service to your customers.


The first step to get our relationship started is to fill out the Introducing Broker (IB) form below with some basic information. Please fill out the form as completely as possible. Once your information is received, we will process it and contact you promptly.

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